ISWIradio has been one of our favorite events ever since and we just love doing it. But it's still a huge challenge for us and the whole hsf student radio.
That is why we are even more happy to announce several external supporter.

TechnoTeam Bildverarbeitung GmbH

As another supporter which is closely related to the Technical University Ilmenau TechnoTeam Image Processing GmbH comes into place. They are specialized on image-resolving light and color measuring technology, which are used in laboratories and industrial automation. These components are sold world wide. Due to the closely relationship to the TU Ilmenau TechnoTeam is actively involved in research and development. This knowledge can then be used to fulfill all costumers needs.

ZED Ziegler Electronic Devices GmbH

Located in Langewiesen is ZED Ziegler Electronic Devices GmbH and is one of our sponsors. As a worldwide active developer and producer ZED is specialized on the purification and desinfection of water and air. More specific they are offering electronic ballasts, UV-sensors and monitors, which can specifically adjusted to the customers needs.

Sparkasse Arnstadt-Ilmenau

The ISWIRadio 2021 and the hsf studentenradio e.V. is happy to announce another supporter. Because also the Sparkasse Arnstadt-Ilmenau is supporting our project financially.

Stadt Ilmenau

We are happy to announce the city Ilmenau as our fifth supporter. Because also the city that is home of our university and with that of the hsf studentenradio e.V. supports the ISWIRadio 2021 financially.

StuRa der TU Ilmenau

The students council of the TU Ilmenau is also supporting the hsf students radio financially. As the students advocacy they are the connecting point between the students body and the university, the city, the state and the country. Due to the wide area of responsibility the StuRa is separated in different departments.