Day 10 - Bye Bye
Today we go into the last round of ISWIradio 2021! With entertaining shows like the ISWI-Outtakes or Fadeout we round up the 10 days. Tune in to be able to switch off refreshed on Sunday!
eva.seidl / 2021-06-10, 07:47:57h

Yesterday was the last official ISWI day for the participants. To conclude the 10 days in a festive way, ISWI held the Closing Ceremony as every time. Our editor Marieke was there as well:

Closing Ceremony - a summary
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10 days, 24 hours of ISWIradio Live program are now almost over and we look back with a laughing and a crying eye on the exciting and somewhat different time. ISWI online? How is that supposed to work? Well, it works somehow! We hope you had as much fun as we did and that you got as much out of ISWI as possible - no matter which continent you are on. And always remember: CHANGE THE WORLD WITH SOUND!

Ciao, Tschüss, tchau, adiós, bye bye - It was amazing! Over and out.

By the way: ISWIradio is coming to an end, but don't worry, Radio hsf will catch you. We'll be back to regular programming starting Monday, so tune in at 6pm for "hsfc"!
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