Day 8 - final spurt at ISWIradio
The last weekend is approaching - and the team starts the final spurt. Three days left and we are going full throttle for the last meters!
eva.seidl / 2021-06-10, 07:46:51h
Studio 1.

After the last days the participants were busy in the Group Works and worked on their topics. Today the Group Presentations finally took place, and our editor Jessica was right in the middle of it. A summary:

Group Work Presentation
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How can we prevent the next pandemic? That was the topic of the keynote with Dr. Kristina Roesel. We spoke with her afterwards:

Key Note - interview with Dr. Kristina Roesel
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Every day so far in Fluffy Afternoon there has been the chocolate and gummy bear test. Nicklas and his co-hosts have tested their way through the world of sweets. But today there was something special: Monika brought along a traditional Polish/Russian dish, which the two of them munched on with relish. Sounded tasty? Here is the recipe: https://www.chefkoch.de/rezepte/3107451463601811/Polnische-Piroggen-mit-Heidelbeerfuellung-auch-mit-Erdbeerfuellung-moeglich.html

Tomorrow the last weekend begins. But this does not mean the end of ISWIradio, we will be here for you 24 hours a day until June 6th! Stay tuned and enjoy our colorful program.