Day 7 – Open Space & ISWIrando
"Cake has very few vitamins, so you have to eat a relatively large amount of it." A little insight behind the scenes, into the internal catering for the team. We also collected impressions from ISWI participants. You can read all about it today.
eva.seidl / 2021-06-10, 07:46:27h
Happy faces among our presenters! Food simply puts you in a good mood

Thursday, June 03, 2021

Special times require special measures. Hungry mouths need to be fed... Normally we have breakfast together every day in the morning after our program planning conference. This is not possible this year...
To keep our presenters from falling off the meat during our 24-hour broadcasting operation, we have created ISWIrando.
Every day there is a different culinary delicacy, conjured up in the kitchen of the Orga team. Twice a day the food is delivered to the studios (by bicycle, of course). From bread rolls to pizza buns to cakes, everything is there. Because if our presenters are happy, we are all happy! It's simply best to present on a full stomach 😋.

In the Open Space yesterday, the ISWI participants had the chance to exchange ideas on various topics. Our editor Niclas was "on site" and asked the participants a little bit about their experiences. Their impressions of this year's ISWI, their highlights and expectations for the coming days, here to listen:

Their thoughts on ISWI
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Their highlights
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Expectations for the coming days
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Tonight from 8pm in "Nightlife": End of the world with Isa and Regina. From conspiracy theories and post-apocalyptic worlds to disaster movies and doomsday scenarios, it's all here. Would they survive a zombie apocalypse? Tune in and quiz along.