A cooperation with iSTUFF: From Monday to Friday you can listen to ISWIgarden on our frequency from 11:00 - 13:00. And from 12:00-14:00 you can watch the whole thing again on iswision. Nick & Pasco are sitting for you in front of the mic and the camera.
eva.seidl / 2021-06-03, 14:07:48h
Nick & Pasco offer you Visual Radio every day. A cooperation with iswision.

During the ISWI there is always a special cooperation between the iSTUFF and the radio hsf. In that time, they are the ISWIsion and the ISWIradio. Together these two organizations work out a show, which is interesting for the viewers and the listeners. This is called visual radio and it combines audio and video.
Last year this show was broadcasted live from the Mensa Ehrenberg (the canteen of the Technical University Ilmenau). So, I wanted to you could really touch the two moderators of the show. Sometimes they felt like animals in the zoo because everyone was starring at them.
This years production is quite different due to the current situation. Doing such production live is pretty complex and needs more people than just the two moderatos. That is why this show is prerecorded because we couldn’t conform the current restrictions. Nevertheless, we invested much time and energy to create an interesting and entertaining show for you. And for Nick as a radio host, it was very weird to look into two cameras and two (very bright) lights. Pasco needed to remember him sometimes that he has to look into the cameras. Nick isn’t used to that.
This year every show has a main topic which contributes to the general topic the ISWI. Additionally, there are many quizzes regarding the climate change and sustainability or the ttt – the taste test time. Within this category the moderators test different things like meat alternatives or regional lemonade. If you want to tune in, you can do that on Friday at 11 am or you take a look on the website of our friends from ISWIvision: https://www.iswision.de/iswision2021/