Exciting talk guests
From Friday to Monday at 7 p.m., there will be an hour-long talk show for you. With exciting guests and experts who contribute their knowledge and opinion about this year's motto.
eva.seidl / 2021-06-02, 08:17:05h

The Fridays for Future movement shows it quite clearly: never before has environmental protection been as important as it is now. In 2021, ISWI is all about climate change, sustainability and our responsibility for the blue planet. How can we make the world a little better? How do we do our part to protect the environment? How do we save the only planet we have? ISWI invites students from all over the world to consciously think about the current problems and discuss solutions. For a better future.
For this thorny topic, we bring you exciting guests to the mic every day during the week - from Monday to Friday, you'll hear different experts on our talk show at 7pm. They talk to us about sustainability and environmental protection - and in their respective areas of expertise. How can clothing be produced fairly? What is the goal of Fridays for Future? Can there be sustainable festivals? How do I reduce my carbon footprint? Our guests will answer these questions and much more:

Tuesday, 01.06 Steffen from Runway Nature 🐼 A young company from the greater Stuttgart area, which sells only fair and sustainably produced fashion. In addition to their collection, they also have an individual section where you can order individually designed fashion for companies, clubs or schools.

Wednesday, 02.06 Dirk from Fridays for Future Erfurt πŸƒ A movement that has been stirring up nations and generations for several years... Under Fridays for Future, thousands, tens of thousands, sometimes even hundreds of thousands of young people worldwide go on strike every Friday. For a better future.

Thursday, 03.06 Antonia from Ilmpuls 🎭 ILMPULS e.V. is a non-profit association founded by five students who would like to share their enthusiasm for music, culture and especially festivals with other people. The goal is to organize and establish an ecologically sustainable festival, offering as diverse a program as possible for the widest possible audience.

Friday, 04.06 Mike Berners-Lee πŸ§‘πŸΌπŸ”¬ Mike Berners-Lee is an English researcher and author on carbon footprints. With his book "There is no Plan(et) B: The Handbook for the Great Challenges of Our Time," he wants to draw attention to the seemingly most urgent world problems and their solutions. He gets to the bottom of the causes and, consistently questions our ways of living and thinking and opens the view to solutions.

Your interest is aroused? Then tune in, every day at 7pm on FM at 98.1 MHz or via our webstream on our website. Today we have the pleasure to welcome press spokesman and delegate on federal level Dirk from Fridays For Future Erfurt. You can look forward to it!