Day 5 - Half-time at ISWIradio!
Today is the mountain festival of the ISWI week, five days are still ahead of us. We are in a great mood and are beaming with the sun.
eva.seidl / 2021-06-10, 07:45:36h

Yay! "Sommer, Sonne, Kaktus!☀️" - at least that's what Helge Schneider warbles cheerfully. Today is the meteorological beginning of summer. And fittingly, the temperatures are climbing upwards and it's getting warm here in Ilmenau, too.

Instead of the ISWI sports festival, the "live sports sessions" started online yesterday. We sent our sports enthusiastic editor Nicklas there. This much in advance: He owns exactly one pair of sports pants...You can listen to his impression and what a sweaty affair it turned out to be:

Live-Sport-Session Part 1
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By the way, the Live Sport Sessions will be offered the whole week! Just go to the ISWI website and dial in. Nicklas is happy to have mental support.

Today's key note was about "Climate Communication." In her talk, Prof. Dr. Weder taught the most efficient ways to communicate climate change. How can communication help to make our lives more sustainable and how would she describe the role of celebrities in climate communication? The researcher answered these questions. We were there, a summary by our editors Adrian and Regina:

Key Note: Climate Communication
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Oh, by the way, today is also the official start of mosquito season. So stock up on mosquito spray, the little beasts are quite mean sometimes.
So we always sleep on the balcony in the summer... 16,000 mosquitoes like this, 500 have shared it and one mosquito has created an event...