Day 4 - ISWIradio in Home Office
2021 consists of remote work, lots of distance and FFP2 masks. ISWIradio during a pandemic: What's different this year?
eva.seidl / 2021-06-10, 07:44:48h

Anyone who would have told us two years ago that we would be working mainly remotely this year would hardly have believed us. But in times of a global pandemic, one adapts to external circumstances… And today's technology makes that possible.

Many international participants from all over the world will not be able to come to Ilmenau this year. So that they can also participate in the ISWI, we rely on digital presence: social media, website and streaming play an important role. A look behind the scenes via Instagram stories, daily reports and daily posts on our website: Students from all over the world thus follow ISWI from the comfort of their own homes - because we make it possible! Planned events, such as the World Food Festival or the Sports Festival, unfortunately have to be cancelled. Food blogs or a sports challenge via social media are a nice replacement of the ISWI, which we also accompany on air.

Of course, our editors have had to adjust: Those who used to boot into seminar rooms for Group Works or Panel Discussions, sit down in front of their laptops in 2021 and dial into “Work Adventure”. We produce most of our contributions from home. From researching to recording to editing - it all happens in the comfort of your own home.

Our presenters are in our studios 24 hours a day to report live about ISWI - with lots of entertainment and a good portion of fun! With adherence to the AHAL-rules and negative COVID-tests, we offer you a varied program.

We are grateful that despite the pandemic we can and may realize the ISWIradio 2021.

By the way, following yesterday's Panel Discussion, we interviewed Icelandic politician Sabine Leskopf. The topic was "Activism and politics in the context of climate protection":

Panel Discussion with politician Sabine Leskopf
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