Day 3 - A culinary trip around the world
Sunday is Funday! And what is especially fun? That's right, eating. Today it's all about culinary delights around the globe. And next week you have the chance to win one of ten coveted books!
eva.seidl / 2021-06-10, 07:44:11h

Sunday, 30.05.2021

The sun is finally shining this Sunday - summer is slowly arriving in Ilmenau. In keeping with the good mood weather, food was a present topic with us today. Unfortunately, the planned "ISWI World Food Festival" had to be cancelled due to the pandemic. As an alternative there is a food blog, where everyday recipes of participants from all over the world are added. Appropriately, we dedicate our Sunday to food: From 1 to 4 p.m. Niclas and Leo cooked live! Starting with the appetizer in Brazil, we went across the globe to China for the main course. To round off the 3-course menu, the two traveled to Europe and conjured up an Italian delicacy. Between cheese balls, Gong-Bao chicken and Panacotta, our presenters tried hard to bring you the dishes tastily on air. And if you couldn't believe your ears, you had the chance to join Instagram live (@radio.hsf) and catch a picture of the cooking chaos....

Here are the recipes to follow:

Brazilian cheese balls 🇧🇷

Main course:
Gong bao chicken from China 🇨🇳

Panna cotta with strawberry sauce from Italy 🇮🇹

All heavy metal fans should also have been happy: In "World Wide Metal" with Leon, there were two hours of metal music.
And if you like mystic late at night, tune in to "Mystery" with Max. Together you dive deep into the world of unsolved mysteries of modern times: With Max's personal Top 5 Unsolved Mysteries!


The first weekend is coming to an end, but there are still seven exciting ISWI days ahead of us. An exclusive raffle is waiting for you! For the next 5 days we will give away 10 books by Mike Berners-Lee! Always in the Morning Show and in the Fluffy Afternoon. Mike Berners-Lee is an English researcher and author for CO2 footprints - and next Friday he will be our guest on the Talk Show. You have the chance to win his book "There is no Planet B: A Handbook for the Make Or Break Years"!

What you have to do:
If you hear Michael Jackson's "Earth Song," send us an email at live@iswiradio.de with your name, email address, and the time you heard the song. The first mail wins!
So: Listen carefully and win a book!

What the Key Note Lecture was about this morning can be heard here:

"Keynote: Causes and effects of climate change" by Jessica Schmid
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