Day 1 - from 0 to 100
First day of broadcasting, ISWI Welcome Party and WorkAdventure - that and much more for you today! A review of the first day.
eva.seidl / 2021-05-28, 19:34:04h
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Friday, 28.05.2021

Let's go! The ISWI has started and we are already in full swing. From today on you can listen to us 24 hours a day.
Since 06 am we are non-stop on air with exciting topics and cool shows. Leo told you in the sneak peek and kickoff all the important information about the ISWI.

A look behind the scenes of ISWI:

"Organization ISWI" by Jessica Schmid
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What is the significance of ISWI for the city of Ilmenau and the university?
We asked Mayor Dr. Daniel Schultheiß and Vice President for Education at the TU, Prof. Dr. Anja Geigenmüller:

"What the ISWI means for the university & the city" by Adrian Saling und Regina Pohl
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At 02 pm the ISWI has finally started: With the "Opening Ceremony" it solemnly starts into the next 10 days and welcomes online all participants.

Our editor Adrian was there and reported:

"Opening Ceremony" by Adrian Saling
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To celebrate the start, there was a "Welcome Party" as every year. We were right in the middle of it - you can hear your answers to our questions tonight in "Nightlife"!
The Welcome Party, as well as many other lectures, will take place in WorkAdventure. An open source platform, where our campus has been recreated as a 2D video game. Here you can move around as an avatar and visit different locations. Of course we will be there too! Come and visit us in the virtual ISWIradio. You can walk through our premises, visit us in the studios and in the office and even have a chat in the toilet ("Studio 3")... We are looking forward to seeing you and talk to you! Via video chat or simply via audio.
Here you come to the WorkAdventure:
Insider tip: In front of the giant radio, our webstream pops up on the music fields. And if you sit down at the Computers in our offices, you'll be taken directly to our website!

Come to visit us and see our location in the Workadventure

Tomorrow you can look forward to shows with lots of action and a good portion of fun!
Sustainable shopping with Jessi and Nicklas, a round of Let's Play with Mäx and a pinch of rock in the evening - all this and much more is available for you on Saturday!